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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Update on Owen

I took Owen back to the doctor this afternoon. He said that Owen sounded a lot better, and that he looked good. His RSV test was negative, thankfully. He put him on an antibiotic, in addition to the other medicines that he prescribed yesterday. He said that he was afraid that he might develop pneumonia if he didn't put him on the antibiotic. So, that's a total of four medicines that he's on. They do seem to be working, though, and Owen hasn't gotten any worse. He sounds much worse at night, but he never got really, really bad. He hasn't been coughing too much, but he sounds wheezy when he cries or fusses.
I appreciate those of you who have mentioned Owen in your prayers. It's nice to be able to ask you guys to pray for him. It just adds a certain measure of comfort to know that people are taking your little one before the Lord in prayer.

As an aside, I'm taking him back to the gastroenteroligist on Thursday. I am expecting her to give him a clean bill of health, and pronounce him completely normal and healthy. Especially since Owen weighed 13lbs 5ozs at the doctor yesterday. He has really been gaining good since we started giving him baby food. I guess he really did just need some extra calories. Again, thanks for your prayers.


  • Goodness, I will pray that Owen gets much better quickly! I'm very glad that he has gained weight, though. That is always worrisome.

    It has been good to catch up with you!

    I like the picture of you and your hubby - funny girl. You don't look fat! You look lovely. :)

    By Anonymous holly, at 1:05 AM  

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