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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Potty Training, Children's Hospital, and the Army, Oh My!

I know I've been scarce. It seems like my days go by so fast. Somehow, Kyra going to school two days a week has kicked time into overdrive. It just goes by so quick. I have a lot to blog about, it's just finding the time to sit down and do it that's the problem.
Elijah has made great strides in getting potty trained. I hate potty training. I'm not good at it. It drives me nuts. Ugh. Monday morning, though, Elijah was looking for a pull-up, and the package was empty. I had four or five in the diaper bag, but I told him that they were all gone. I told him that he would just have to wear big boy underwear now. For some reason, him thinking that there were no pull ups made him more willing to go to the potty. So, he's been in underwear all week. He's had several accidents, but not too many. He has only did #2 on himself once. So, we're getting there. Going cold turkey has been kind of nerve wracking. We even took him to church in underwear. He peed on himself at the hospital today two minutes after Chris took him to the bathroom. That was frustrating and a little embarassing, but I really think we're going to get there soon.
Today was Owen's appointment with the gastroenterologist at Children's Hospital. She weighed him, examined him, and had some blood drawn. Since starting him on cereal, he's been going to the bathroom more often, so she said that has kind of taken care of itself. The only thing that she was concerned with was that he has dropped down the growth chart, and is not gaining weight like he should. He has gained less than five pounds since he was born. He weighed 11 lbs 11 ozs today. She is having me bring him back in four weeks. She said that, now that she has seen him, she knows where he should be in four weeks. If he is there, then all is good. If he isn't, I am not really sure where they go from there. She said that she was going to test his thyroid, but that she didn't think that was his problem. I'm thinking that he is just small, like my family, but Chris is starting to get a little concerned that he's not growing enough. Keep him in your prayers.
Chris got his oath of office in the mail last week. We have been reading the blog of a Reserve Army Chaplain who lives in our area since we began the whole process in June, and, Monday, we ran into him at McDonalds. Chris introduced himself, and they struck up a conversation. Now, we are going to his church tomorrow morning, and he is going to administer Chris' oath. After that, he'll be back in the Army. I plan on recording it, and taking pictures. It's really exciting.
That's all the latest here at the Harmon household. Now, I'm going to bed. I have to get up early in the morning.


  • Hi! :)

    You know...truthfully, going once a week is common for breastfed babies. Really! :) Their body becomes so efficient - the breast milk does it's job, they convert it to precisely what they need...and there isn't that much left over. My children's bms really slow down about 4 months. It goes from that real runny stuff that happens all of the time to much less frequent. I usually notice that after several days they get kind of fussy and they are "building to something" (wry grin) but they are okay. It's just their digestive/elimination systems getting balanced out. Sounds like the rice cereal is helping, though, so that should be fine.

    As to size - 11 plus pounds sounds okay. How have your other children been? My children all start out at around 8 lbs., which is a decent size, but then they are small as little whippersnappers. :)

    I always think it is good to check things out, kind alleviates worries. (?)I had 4 children who were fine, but then my 5th had severe wheat allergies that manifested at six months of age...right after I started feeding him bites of muffin and cheerios. He had severe failure to 14 months he was 14 lbs. It was horrible. He was always sick, too, with gastro and respiratory problems. All of that to say, it isn't bad to check things out. :)

    Well - sorry for the unsolicitated info. :) It sounds like you are doing a great job and are a wonderful mommy!

    By Anonymous Holly, at 3:20 PM  

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