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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Doctor's Appt Update

Owen's doctor's appointment today went pretty well. He only weighed 11 lbs 13 ozs. That's not much for being four months old. So, his doctor wants me to start giving him baby food, because he says that we need to increase his caloric intake. Owen's also had some poop issues...only going once a week. So, he is sending him to see a gastrointeroligist to make sure that there are no problems with his bowel. It's very unusual for a breastfed baby to not be going more than that. I'm not worried about it. Owen is such a happy baby. I think his size is so small because he takes after my side of the family...we're just little people. I'm not going to worry about the other thing until I am told that there is a reason to worry. I think that our doctor is just cautious, and, when something isn't normal, he wants to make sure that there is not something wrong. My philosophy has always been "better safe than sorry", so that is okay by me.
So Owen will get his first taste of solid food tomorrow. Mmmm....rice cereal. Sounds yummy, doesn't it?
Me, Kyra, and Elijah all got flu shots today as well. I got mine first to show them that it doesn't hurt too much. Kyra was next, and she cried a little bit. When hers was done, I turned to look at Elijah, and he had two big fat tears rolling down his face from watching them give his sister a shot. He said, "That made me sad, Mama." Let me tell you, it made him really sad when it came to be his turn. It wasn't too bad all in all. They mostly just cried for the time it took them to get the shot, and for a minute or so after. They got a little toy, a sucker, and a card for free ice cream from I think they were well compensated. Poor little Owen got four shots today. He got two in each leg. He's cried all evening with his sore little legs. He's already running a little bit of a fever. He's sleeping now. I hope that he doesn't have a fitful night. My arm is a little sore already. The kids got theirs in their thighs. I hope it doesn't make their leg hurt. Shots are no fun, but they are better than the alternative. I'd rather deal with low grade fevers and sore arms and legs than influenza, polio, diptheria, or even whooping cough. Not to mention all of the other things they are vaccinated against that I can't bring to memory right now.
So, that's my update, and I'm glad it's all over.


  • I hope all goes well with his other doctor appts. Your doctor sounds exactly like mine. Better to be safe than sorry. Michael and Natalie were able to get their shots, but not this time for Lindsey. They couldn't get a shot without that Thermosal(sp!!) stuff in it. Since Tyler has a form of autism, they don't want to take any chances giving the other kids any shots with Mercury in them. Also, I went to get a flu shot and I wasn't allowed to....they said they can't give them to pregnant women or those breastfeeding. May have to get a "permission slip" from my doc. Sorry I am rambling. Owen is in our prayers. It will all turn out fine.

    By Blogger Heather, at 5:54 PM  

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